Industrial wastewater and chemical treatments

An explosive atmosphere is a mixture of flammable substances in the form of gases, vapours, mists or combustibles in a powdery state with air or oxidiser, in certain atmospheric conditions in which, upon ignition, combustion spreads to the flammable mixture.

In order for a potentially explosive atmosphere to form, the flammable and/or combustible substance must be present in a certain concentration; if the concentration is too low (poor mixture) or too high (rich mixture) there is little tendency to form an explosion but a combustion reaction, or even no reaction, can be produced.

The explosion can therefore only occur in the presence of an ignition source and when the concentration is within the mass or volume explosibility range of the substances, between the minimum and maximum limits. The explosive limits depend on the ambient pressure and the percentage of oxidant present in the atmosphere.

The Cover Ball floating cover system is a quick solution for the reduction of gaseous fumes in industrial wastewater collection tanks and chemical treatments even in ATEX environments where its antistatic version with low flammability index allows it to be used in various environments Work.

Technical Features

  • Easy installation. The spheres, once introduced into the tank, naturally assume an equal distribution over the area
  • Rain water. Unlike fixed roofs, the spheres allow rainwater to pass through. This allows you not to have any type of stagnation
  • No Maintenance. No type of maintenance or reintegration over time
  • The spheres follow the level of the liquid and allow any type of work inside the tank
  • The material with which they are built (HDPE – high density polyethylene) guarantees a long life to the cover
  • Virgin HDPE, therefore totally recyclable at the end of its life


  • Quick and easy installation
  • Each sphere is built to live a long time and free from "Biosphenol-A"
  • No type of maintenance
  • It allows any type of operation through the liquid
  • Fast and concrete solution against odor problems
  • Significant reduction of polluting gases
  • Reduction of UV exposure
  • Excellent deterrent against birds
  • Algae reduction
  • Wind resistant
  • Excellent behavior with frost, snow and rain water
  • Continuous coverage 365 days a year